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Description of the program

Physical Fitness in the Golden Age is a community based exercise program for adults 60+ years old. The program provides a comfortable environment for people the same age working together for a common goal, to increase quality of life. Participants will build confidence with weekly training sessions that concentrate on strength training, cardiovascular training, coordination, agility, and balance. The weekly sessions are available on flexible schedules and given all week long at various hours of the day. The participants are tested for fitness periodically to assess their progress and training status.

Exercises included in every session are aimed to increase overall quality of life. Each session includes cardiovascular training. Treadmills, elliptical machines, and stationary bicycles are available in the facility. Cardio training may also include going out and walking in the Sunbowl Stadium. Strength training is targeted through the use of weight machines, free-weights, and medicine balls. Balance is increased by performing exercises on wobble discs and Swiss balls. Agility ladders are used to enhance agility.

All exercises are explained to each participant by the program’s Ambassadors and supervisors. Kinesiology students also spend time in the facility to assist all participants throughout the sessions. In addition, all exercises are displayed on two large plasma TV’s during the session.




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  1. Welcome to all our new participants.
  2. Thanks to everyone who helped make stage 6 recruitment a success!!!
  3. Join us for our UTEP and community fun run/walk event hosted by the golden age fitness association.

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